Chapter 1: The Beginners Guide to Photography, Choosing Your First Camera!

I want to pass down all the knowledge I possibly have on photography to everyone, for FREE!  I will be giving these types of info videos weekly in hopes of passing down: basic photography knowledge, lightroom and photoshop tutorials, and how to shoot. Before we even go into any of those subjects you need a camera, because all the great photographers have gone through the process of buying their first camera, and well, it can be scary going into photography. Within this video I share all the wisdom I have when it comes to buying your first camera: topics like, where do I buy my first camera? What brand do I choose? what do i look for in my first camera ?I break these topics down in hopes of helping you buy your first camera, so you can dive right into the world of photography! We all start somewhere! 
I hope you join me next week as I discuss, software, photoshop and lightroom and their key factors in the photo world!