The Launch

After many years of hosting my images and creative content through third-party websites--I bit the bullet--, and so, was brought to life. I got my own website because I thought it was super important to display purely my work, without a "suggestion" right next to my work. The website was super easy to build, within an hour and fifteen I got this website going. Squarespace 7 was a crucial part in the making because it was so simple and that's what I was looking for when I was looking at these third-party hosts to build my website. This might seem like a review, but it is far from it, this is calling for YOU (the client, viewer)! To give my website a rating and to tell me what you guy's really like within my website: how do you like the interface? What could I change to make this experience more simple? What are your favorite photos? Give me any feedback, because this website really is for you guys! Any-whom, I hope to grow this website and really make sure my website is something else.

-Isaac Mijangos