Mijangos Preset Pack

Mijangos Preset Pack Download for Lightroom

I just hit 400 likes on my Facebook page! Originally, I was planning on selling my presets, but I decided to give them away for free as I truly appreciate the support of everyone that has liked my page and my art work! If you plan on using these presets and using them on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook please tag me @isaacmijangos or https://www.facebook.com/mijangosphotography

Da Stars

This preset is designed for that beautiful Milky Way shot that captures our home, the Milky Way


Inspired by one of my favorite songs, by Illenium, in addition to the legendary Karl the Fog. This preset is designed to give the photo a cool temperature all around, like the cool mornings in the city of San Francisco.  

Gold X Fog

I can't get enough of San Francisco! The preset is designed to emphasize the red and blue sides of the color spectrum, as to total opposites meet in order bring to life the good old Golden Gate Bridge. 

Warm Nights

Taken on a cold night and turned warm after editing, this preset is designed to remind everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel; so long as you believe in yourself.

P.S. Please note that in order to receive the effects within these images there is need for some (or a lot of tweaking)