Dear YouTube,

In spite of the new messages that have been coming out, and the fact that there has been a removal of monetization on YouTube, I wanted to offer my 2 cents on this, as someone that really loves YouTube.  This message is for whoever is thinking about these policies and the fact that there is no communication between YouTube and the Creators, but more importantly, to the founders of YouTube, who I believe should be looking at what they sold and created, and stand up to such horrible ideas.

"The ultimate evolution of someone who is a creator is to build something, that enables others to do what you've done."  This was intended to the three guys Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim & Steve Chen, who in 2005 were in the garage in San Bruno. I'm sure that you guys were told a million times that the idea of a mobil video website was "Unrealistic", "Not Possible", and to "Look for a safe 9-5". Yet, you guys had this idea that of "how do we bring the power of sharing perspectives to the world". But when you guys created this platform and finished what you did, it was more than you guys thought possible. You enabled people from all sorts of background who were told that their dreams "were unrealistic", whether it was a makeup guru, film maker, or some dude that talks to a camera for three or four minutes. 

Now, to me, YouTube means a lot. As a first-generations student, who thought that his life was those three to four blocks around his house, until I discovered this very website, YOUTUBE. I could see the worlds perspectives and see what other people had to say around me, even when they were a guy with a hat that spoke into the camera for 3-4 minutes. It enabled me to see these perspectives that I never thought possible. I thought me that being ignorant was never an option, but also, when the idea was disagreed with was not wrong. 

Going on from this, I think that what you guys are doing with being so critical with the idea of monetization feels like an intrusion on what freedom of speech, which I feel like many people feel are already being taken away lately. This idea of freedom of speech is part of the idea of the American Dream. The moment you take that away is the moment that the relationship becomes more tense. 

Lastly, I think that this sense of community that you guys have built is the one thing that you guys have because people go out there and proudly say that they are Youtubers -- not Facebookers, Twitterers, or Vimeoers. This is what the community matters and what other companies want, they have yet to even come close, but someone that loves the website, I think that there are other companies that would do anything to get it. Now, if you decided to go and worry more about monetization and the short term money you will lose without a doubt, and there are other companies that are willing to these amazing creators into their website. YouTube is best website, so before you choose cash over creators you will lose.