Been trying to move away from putting quotes on my IG posts. The story needs more than just sound bites. It’s easy to share our accomplishments, as if we didn’t have a single struggle to making it — we are the hero of our story and we don’t need saving, right? Yet, If art is a representation of life, then shouldn’t we share  the frustrations and struggles that are on the road to success? We have no emotional attachment to characters, like Captain America or Harry Potter, if all we simply knew was that one was the epitome of American Patriotism and the other the Boy Who Lived.  That’s why social media has become stale to me, even though I love to share ideas and perspective. I have to share more with the world than just my happy moments, but also my moments of frustration and confusion, because if there is no conversation, then growth won’t happen. I'm willing to take the hits, as a reminder that I, nor anyone, truly walks a lonely road during this lifetime. 

Music I listen to while writing this.