Kristie // San Pedro Square

I personally don't like shooting inside, it doesn't feel like my place, I would much rather be outside with some fresh air. That's why I could never do studio work for too long, it would just seem way too repetitive. However, this shoot with my friend Kristie was different, she's a natural when it comes to posing, once you get the giggles out, and her sincere personality made this shoot run smoothly in an environment that I would think to be repetitive. San Pedro has become one of my favorite places to shoot as of recent, during the summers there's plenty of shade and the windows defuse the sunlight making really soft; during the winters it's a warm place, has really nice lights, and the lighting allows for no shadows on the face (a look I always aim for). I find it so interesting how a place can change during the seasons, and how a person can change the way you shoot a place.