QnA: The best camera, Inspirations, and Starting Out in Photography!

Here is my respond to the questions that I got! Thank you to everyone that submitted their questions :), it was a lot of fun to respond to the questions !! I hope it helps someone, please make sure to subscbribe! 

Time Stamps:
0:30 Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to your photos? 
1:20 Instagram inspirations!!!  
4:06 Are there certain themes that you focus on when it comes to creativity of your photos?
6:20 Is there a camera that you would recommend for taking pictures of nature and people but that is still of good quality??
6:52 What are good DSLR's for beginners?
9:02 Photo editing programs for Windows and/or Mac?
10:42 Any photography books you'd recommend?
11:18  3 favorite lenses and pros+cons of each one?? also, an affordable alternative to your fav lenses